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Bandai (BANDAI) ONE PIECE Card Game: Paramount War [OP-02] (BOX) is here! Point 1: The second booster themed on the popular Marine Ford Arc! Characters who went on a rampage during the Summit Decisive Battle, such as Whitebeard, the three Navy Generals, and Ivankov, are all here! Of course, many cards that can strengthen the deck of the previous volume are also included! Point 2: The new color "Black", which first appeared in ST-06, has been greatly expanded! Not only black mono-colors, but also new combinations of multi-colored leaders such as the red and black "Garp" are now available! The new combos will greatly expand the range of your strategy! Point 3) Even if you start with this product, you can catch up right away! You can build super-powerful decks with cards in the new "black" color, which has been introduced in earnest with this product! You can catch up with users who started with the previous product!


24 packs to 1 box

One Piece OP-02 - Summit Battle Booster Box

SKU: op-02
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