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Expected release date is March 22nd, 2024.

5 cards: 1 pack

30 packs: 1 box


Cases are available. Please contact us to purchase!


Pre-Order Disclaimer

Just wanted to give you a heads up about pre-orders at Bell's Collectibles. When you pre-order something cool, all the other stuff in your cart tags along for the ride. So, if the pre-order takes a month to ship, your whole cart is in the one-month club. Want to speed things up for non-pre-order stuff? No problem, just toss them in a separate cart and check out separately. Unfortunately, we can't split the order for fulfillment or cancellations.


Pre-orders are shipped to you once it is received on our end. It is shipped same day as long as USPS is open when we receive it. 


The scoop on pre-orders and back-orders: There is a 3% cancellation fee to cover the non-refundable payment processing. Please contact us through the "Contact Us" box or use the text chat to get in touch with us about cancelling your order.

Pokemon Crimson Haze (sv5a) Booster Box - ERD: 03/22/24 -

SKU: jpn-crimsonhaze
Excluding Sales Tax
Please check our shipping policies pertaining to pre-orders or backorders!
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